Is this a math class?

No. A math class has many components such as a teacher, curriculum, books, learning materials, tests, etc. These lessons attempt to be a resource that can be used in a math class at a school or for homeschooling to supplement the other components.

Nothing happens when I try and start the exercises.

The most likely issue is having JavaScript turned off. You can enable JavaScript in the tools/settings/options of your web browser.

Why don't you have printable worksheets?

One of the primary ways to learn math is repeated practice. A worksheet will allow a student to repeatedly practice an incorrect method. The repeated practice of the incorrect method will tend to teach the student how to do the problem incorrectly. Therefore, the only type of practice available on this site gives immediate feedback. If a problem is done incorrectly, it is pointed out immediately and the student can change to a correct method.

Will you help me with a homework problem?

We do not have the resources to do this. We keep very busy trying to improve the site. Please tell your teacher, or your parents or a friend that you are having trouble and need help.

Why don't you have a page about...?

We are continuing to expand the AAA Math site. Suggestions for new topics are welcome and it helps us prioritize which topics to work on first. Please visit our contact page to suggest topics and lesson ideas.

Why are the X grade lessons too easy/hard?

There is a wide variation in curricula between different school systems. Often there is a difference between classes in the same school. We try and achieve a happy compromise among the variants. If the topics in a grade are consistently too easy or too hard for you, move to a higher or lower grade level. If you have questions about what you should be studying, talk with your teacher about what would be appropriate for you.